The Temple

The structure in the photo above is St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. This was the site of the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Inside, we see the detailed work that went into construction during that time.

The poem or song in Psalm 45 is celebrating the marriage of a Hebrew king to a foreign princess.  The picture we get is a picture of a royal wedding of the Messiah and His bride

The king is described as righteous, mighty, and victorious. The bride is described as beautiful and glorious. She will be blessed with gifts from the wealthy who seek her favor.

If you travel through Europe, you will see many cathedrals that were built with such glory and beauty as a representation of the bride of Christ. We know today that all who accept Christ as Savior become a temple or church where the Holy Spirit lives.

This passage is a song of praise to Christ. Each church service should be filled with excitement as the congregation celebrates the victory of Christ in their hearts and becomes clothed with virtues that can be used throughout a lifetime and beyond.

The passage says the king and his bride will pass on their values to their children so the king will be remembered and honored (v. 17). As we are taught virtues and values, we pass them on to future generations. The values we pass on to future generations are the greatest inheritance the next generation will receive.

This day with You Lord, we are excited about this day because each day we gain experiences that build up our values. We then can share these values with others. Help us today to inspire others towards Your Way and point out the benefits of the power of the Holy Spirit inside. Help us to pay attention to the unseen qualities of faith, hope, and love so they become the foundation of our temple where the Holy Spirit lives.

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