Defeating the Enemy

In the movie “Karate Kid”, the kid learned karate from the older man by doing menial task like shining cars and painting a fence.

By the way, what do you call a pig that knows karate? I’ll give the answer in tomorrow’s post but feel free to give your answer today in the comments.

The more you work and get good at doing something, the more fun you have. If you’re good at karate, you have more fun. The same goes with any sport like basketball, baseball, softball, golf, or tennis.

Reading today in Psalm 44, it seems that the people and their forefathers have lost their edge. They’re not having fun anymore. In the past, they defeated their enemies, they gained their land, and prospered. These experiences made them feel that God was with them and they praised Him for their victories over their adversaries that resulted in being able to acquire their land and flourish. But in their present situation, they do not feel that God is with them. They have been humbled, their adversaries have overtaken them, and there is suffering among the people.

This psalm offers an explanation for the suffering of the people. They had strayed from God’s Way. They were in the darkness rather than the light. History has proven that any nation that strays off the Way of God will go through difficult times and if they do not change course, repent, and have a revival, they will ultimately be destroyed.

The psalmist does offer a solution in today’s passage. The solution is to remember God, go to Him in prayer, and get back on track with His winning Way. Victories come by receiving the power of the Holy Spirit which is obtained by stepping ahead with discipline and seeking the truth of God, Jesus Christ demonstrates these positive steps to victory throughout the Gospel. Constantly gaining knowledge and overcoming everything that held Him back from the purpose God had given Him. 

This psalm was written to remember how the people conquered enemies with military victories but it can also be applied today to our internal enemies that hold each of us back in life. Things like a lack of faith, lack of integrity, or lack of discipline. Sometimes we have to suffer a little before we fulfill our purpose. Think of what Christ went through to fulfill His purpose.

This day with You Lord, help us build our life upon Your love. Your plan gives us the power of the Holy Spirit and when we mix this power with the lessons Jesus teaches in the Gospel, we each are led to a future beyond our imagination because the enemy will be defeating and victories will continue to come. Amen.

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  1. Thanks for the challenge. “Think of what Christ went through to fulfill His purpose.” That is sobering.


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