Walking the Walk

God loves each of us as a child and this love inspires our obedience to living like we are loved so we make choices each day as we follow the Way. Just like being physically fit for the walk, we need to be spiritually fit for walking the walk.

To gain spiritual fitness, we reflect on God’s word. Today in reading Ephesians 6:1-9, we find that the order of authority includes the Lord first, then parents, and children. To obey is to do what those in authority say to do. To honor is to give respect or be devoted to their instructions. Parents have essential responsibilities within the family unit and God gives guidelines through His Word for how parents should love their children, give them instructions about life, and in leading them towards a successful life.

This passage gives guidelines for dealing with many of our problems within society today. The moment we become devoted fellow servants with respect to our Lord and Savior is the moment we begin to discover our place in helping and leading others; enabling our Master to change the world one person at a time.

Many do not have good worldly fathers but our heavenly Father is available for all. Each local church is like a family that will help build up spiritual fitness. One way to receive guidance is by obtaining information and inspiration from sermons. Below is a poem I wrote that was inspired from the sermon of Reverend Steve Ramsdell in July of 2015.

There are rules we live by 
And they are our guardrails; 
Found in His Word 
And lighting our trails. 

These rules give us 
God’s design for living; 
Blessing those who 
Constantly are seeking. 

They lead us together 
Holding each other’s hands; 
Living by the Word 
And keeping His commands. 

They are the guide for
Each decision 
As we read His Word 
And follow the vision. 

These rules make the world 
A better place; 
Stepping ahead
To win the race. 

To invest in people
By helping a friend
And gaining the treasure
That rewards without end.

Father God, You love us even more than we love ourselves. Because of this love, we are inspired to be obedient to You. We want to walk the walk and when others see our devotion to Your way, they will want to follow too. The reward for this obedience is freedom towards being all we are made to be. Amen

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3 Responses to Walking the Walk

  1. We absolutely need stronger families. Thanks for the morning insight.


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