Path to Liberty

God’s provides a path to liberty for all because the principles taught by Christ along with the Holy Sprint lead to a future beyond our imagination. We don’t need to follow corrupted leaders but instead, we can follow the ONE true God who purifies the world one person at a time. The result is amazing individuals, affluent neighborhoods, thriving states, and prosperous nations.

Reading today in 1 Samuel 7:15 through 8:22, we are told that Samuel’s sons did not walk in his ways for they turned to dishonest gain, accepted bribes, and perverted justice. The elders of Israel pointed out to Samuel that his sons did not follow his ways so since Samuel was up in years, they wanted him to appoint a king that could lead their people.

Samuel didn’t like what the elders had to say and went to the Lord in prayer. The Lord explained that the people had rejected Him to serve other gods. The Lord told Samuel to explain to the elders that a king would break up their families. A king would take ownership of everything and make the people serve the king so that they would become slaves to the king.

We see a pattern of God’s dealings with His people as they would flourish but then forget who gave them this prosperity. They would then begin to revert back to their old habits and turn away from the Lord’s Way until He provided another king who followed the Lord.

Thinking about current times, many allow those who do not know and honor God to be their leader. A worldly king has one purpose; to obtain and maintain power. This only benefits a few; whereas accepting the principles taught by Christ creates liberty that generates enthusiasm and incentive for all.

I have some good news for you my friend! We have a King of kings in Jesus Christ who has given us a clear path to liberty. It was cleared and leads straight to a place beyond our imagination. So today my friend, let us go to the Lord in prayer to inquire of the Lord rather than the world.

This day with You Lord we come to You not making excuses but the need for You to filter out the negatives of this world that hold many back. This pollution of the soul holds back individuals, neighborhoods, Cities, States, and whole nations. You are the King of kings who gives us enthusiasm and incentive to follow Your Way. Amen.

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  1. This is the truth “accepting the principles taught by Christ creates liberty that generates enthusiasm and incentive for all.” So thankful for mighty King Jesus. He is all the leader we need.


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