On your daily walk of faith, God has a purpose for you. Be willing to step ahead by overcoming obstacles, disregarding criticisms, and gaining momentum day by day.

Step Ahead

Many seem to break
Their obligations
Towards sharing
The gospel foundations.

Maybe lack of time or
Problems unfurled
And other issues 
Within the busy world. 

So set some time aside
For obedience
To commitments
And for expedience.

Dream big dreams always
With pictures to inspire
And faith that they 
Will begin to transpire.

In sharing that God loves
And Spreading the gospel 

Poem by Mark Shields – © 11-04-2021
Inspired by
Photo – Sunset in Hawaii taken in 1990

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2 Responses to Committed

  1. Myheartscry says:

    I think I forget to share the gospel because I usually share what God is teaching me at the time, and I learned the gospel a very long time ago. What I forget is that so many still need to hear the basics of faith in Jesus. Thank you for the reminder.


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