Negative Influences

Read this poem knowing that God is on your side today to help fight any negatives that try to confine your progress.

Step Ahead

Photo – Taken while going up Mt. Haleakala on the island of Maui. It’s a dormant volcano now but when it was active, the lava from volcanic eruptions formed more than 75% of the island.  Deep inside the earth, there is all this built up energy that is released through volcanos. Like the paradise of the Hawaiian Islands, God can turn our intense difficulties into something positive and His power can cause simplicities to emerge into an eternal paradise.

Thinking is going In the wrong direction Causing me to lose my edge And I need a correction. Hit with so many Negative influences On a daily basis Lowers my chances. But like a volcano With built up energy, Out of intense negatives Can emerge a synergy. Knowing God is on my side To help fight the negatives That confine my progress, I write new narratives. As my thoughts turn to…

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