Bridge the Gap

Bridge that some say is the beginning of the Chrisom trail

Life is not easy with hardships, embarrassments, predicaments, and impediments but we must maintain our faith and hope to overcome. These qualities will bridge the gap over the barriers and traps of life. Just like this photo of the Waco Suspension Bridge, we can build things that bridge the gap to a brighter future. The bridge in the photo was built for commerce to cross over the Brazos River and used as a part of the Chisholm Trail as they drove cattle up to Kansas in the 1800’s. Without the bridge, it was a time-consuming and sometimes dangerous ordeal to cross the river.

Reading today in 1 Peter 2:18-25, we are reminded that Christ went through unjust suffering, was despised, and held in low esteem. Then He was arrested and suffered on the cross for our sins. Christ became our bridge to a much brighter future. His death on the cross and resurrection became the perfect sacrifice that bridged the gap between sin and salvation.

This day with God will be amazing because even if we are experiencing difficulty, things can change by turning to God for our needs and praying for help. As we face difficulty in life, we have an example in Jesus of how we should react. To contend with difficulties so they sharpen the soul with fortitude, endurance, and wisdom. The effect is growth, energy, and gained experience that enables greater depth in ministry to others.

This day with You Lord, we have confidence that You will remove the obstacles to make the path clear. There are days when we struggle and our problems are beyond what we can solve. In the midst of our difficulty, You have entered in with grace so we will ultimately get to where we want to go. Our past is a clean slate and we have faith that the future will be bright because we have access to more power than we could even imagine.

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  1. So thankful that Jesus is our bridge to a bright future. Thanks for the morning encouragement.

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