Soar Higher with Resistance

This day with God will be amazing because we will soar higher and higher using resistance to propel us to face our challenges with boldness. We will rely on the Word as our guide today as we read Mark 14:66-72 and write down the steps of action. God is in control and with Him by our side, everything will turn out right.

Peter had committed earlier in Mark 14 to keeping his faith even if threatened with death but Jesus had told Peter he would disown him three times. In today’s passage, we read that Peter does disown Jesus. He breaks down emotionally and weeps because he lacked the courage to stand up for Jesus.

Facing an unknown future, many react the same as Peter; lacking the courage to stand up for the Truth. In the days leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus, many were afraid. In current times, we face fear but we can have confidence because the Spirit is with us

If facing difficulty while standing up for the Truth, it’s important to realize that courage is like a kite when divergent winds raise it higher. Going with the wind may get us to where we want to go faster but going against the wind lifts us to places higher and higher.

The resistance of the wind makes the kite fly and for a society to get to a higher level of enlightenment, it must have the courage to resist what is wrong even when the multitude has no desire to get above what keeps us down. The photo below was taken one spring day at my family farm near Teague Texas. 

This day with God, we’ve learned a lesson on using resistance to raise us higher. The things of this world that we think can cause harm to us do not have power over us. Help us Lord to make known Your Truth and the grace You offer even when the world resist. Lord, if this day is filled with some resistance, let us smile and say thank You as we continue to offer grace in Jesus name. Amen.

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4 Responses to Soar Higher with Resistance

  1. Thanks for the morning insight. So thankful that God gives us courage and boldness for Jesus.

    Love this: “courage is like a kite when divergent winds raise it higher.”

    Blessings and may your kite fly high today.

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