Unshakable Kingdom

Good qualities originate in God, are implemented with study and prayer, and grow in the heart. They become unseen power that energizes us toward tangible actions.

Step Ahead

The world wants to trust 
 The wisdom of science
 Yet wrong assertions 
 Cause no reliance.

 The world believes 
 Money will bless
 Yet it is limitedAnd causes stress.

 So reconcile to God
 Through Jesus Christ
 And live for the ONE
 Who died for our life!

 For the new kingdom 
 Cannot be shaken
 And those who accept Christ 
 Shall be awakened.

 A new creation;
 The past wiped clean
 With access through prayer
 To power unseen.

 Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-18-2021
 Inspired by
 “Unshakeable Kingdom

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