By Our Side

This day with God will be amazing because we will learn from the past and will be reminded of how the ultimate victory is accomplished. Moses explains to the people in Deuteronomy 9 that it is God who sets up success for the future.

We may look back on our successes and believe it is through our own skills and abilities that great things were accomplished but this attitude brings on failure. The people of Israel are reminded by Moses of the golden calf and how they made God angry because they rebelled against Him. They did not trust or obey the way of God.

Think of the great achievements over the years in sports, in technology like iPhones, Internet, communication, and medical advances. All this greatness is easily destroyed with computer viruses and the transmission of coronaviruses if a society is not relying on God. The great inventions or achievements of this world are easily destroyed and are short term but our purpose for God is eternal.

I’m reminded of a story I once heard of Derek Redmond who tore his hamstring while running the 400m in the ’92 Olympics. Redmond’s father came down from the stands to help him cross the finish line.

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Our Father in heaven is by our side when the going gets tough. We may become hobbled or hamstrung in life but through Jesus we have a connection with the Father and He is by our side to help us finish the race victoriously.

This day with God, be assured of victory only because of Jesus. It’s not anything we can do as individuals but only with grace through our acceptance of Jesus. With Jesus, we have righteousness and the strength to finish the race victoriously.

This day with You Lord, our plans on this earth do not always work out but You’ve given us a plan for victory. Your power is at work today and we have hope for the future. We see a victory in our future because of our acceptance of Jesus in our heart. Let us celebrate like champions today because our best days are in front of us. Amen.

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  1. Yes, our Father in heaven is by our side when the going gets tough. Thanks for sharing that good news. It is amazing indeed.


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