Completing the Work

I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do. – John 17:4

The post “Purpose in Every Step” documents Moses as he gets to the end of his life mission. He had brought the Israelites out of bondage and now it was time to hand over the leadership to Joshua.

Moses wanted to cross the Jordan and prays to God but realizes that he would not be able to enter the Promised Land. He gets this moment though to go up to a high place. It was a vista where he could look out in many directions at all the land God had promised.

As you strive to accomplish all that God has for you, be inspired by the song Keep Me In The Moment by Jeremy Camp. Live with your eyes wide open so you don’t miss what the Lord has for you.

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1 Response to Completing the Work

  1. Thank God for Jesus completing the work. I am very thankful for your faithful proclamation of the Good News of Jesus. Blessings.


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