Perfect Way

Reading in Deuteronomy 1-2, Moses speaks to the people and uses history to explain how God was with them to deliver them from Egyptian bondage. God provided the perfect way as He directed them, gave them food to eat, and increased their numbers.

Then Moses appointed leaders to help as they took over the land promised to them but the people started to rebel when the going got tough. God was angry at their lack of trust and obedience. They arrogantly fought and lost battles so there was a delay in their journey.

It became apparent that the current generation would not see the good land that had been promised. Moses would not be able to finish the journey and Joshua would be given authority to take over as leader. They would wander in the wilderness for forty years but in chapter 2, God renewed confidence in the Israelites. He began to give victory upon victory.

God uses those that have gone before us and our own experiences to build confidence for our yet to come. It is beneficial to look back and learn from history so our plans for the future can be made with accuracy.

The thing to do is document the present because it will probably come back around. Next time it comes around, we will be better prepared. Everything seems to go in cycles. We have night and day, winter and summer. Like this picture below, we will have to go through our winters of life.

But then, things will turn and we will have our summers as in the photo below.

This day with You Lord will be amazing as things fall into place because of grace. Your Word and the lessons are timeless. Because of accepting Your way of salvation, we follow Your lead and do good deeps. We not only accept the truth for ourselves, but also teach our youth. You have provided direction and we give you praise. Amen.

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