Believe and Receive

This day with God, we seek and we believe. We are thankful for His provision; grateful for all we receive. Reading today in Mark 8:1-10, again we are told that Jesus fed a large crowd of people with a very small supply of food. Remembering back a few chapters ago in Mark 6, five thousand were fed. The motive for Jesus’ feeding of the four thousand in this passage is compassion. Jesus initiates the action in this passage but in the feeding of the five thousand in Mark 6, action was initiated by the disciples.

If we compare the two experiences, we see that when the disciples initiated the action, there was greater efficiency. In the first occurrence, five thousand were fed with five loaves of bread and two fish. Twelve basketfuls were left. In today’s occurrence, four thousand were fed with seven loaves of bread and a few fish. Seven basketfuls were left after everyone was satisfied.

Our attitude of concern and compassion for others adds to the power of faith because we are compelled to share with them this bounty of never ending food for the soul. The more faith we have as individuals, the greater the power as previous hopeless experiences stimulate our faith even more. It is a continuous renewable cycle as we constantly feed the heart and soul with the ultimate reward being eternal paradise.

The take away for me is to live our life with concern for others and their needs. Share food for the soul and build the bounty of never ending renewable power received from His Word, from music, from art, and nature. These unseen rewards are never depleted but continue to grow in our memories and are available to share with others so they can receive eternal blessings.

We face trials and tribulations in life on earth. There is despair, pain, drugs, alcohol, and problems with relationships but we can always be lifted up because there is the ultimate prize when we step out in faith. Believe that God will provide music for our ears, laughter for our souls, and a rainbow after every storm.

I remember one time, there was an amazing rainbow as I walked up to my office. It stretched from one end of the lake to the next. Below is a photo of the double rainbow I saw.

This day with You Lord, we are thankful for Your word today about feeding the 4,000. Help us follow this example so our attitude is one of concern for others and their needs. To know there is a bounty of never ending food for our souls. We call on You for help as we face trials in life and step ahead in faith knowing that there are huge dividends for sharing Your food for the soul with others. In You Lord, there are eternal rewards. Amen

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