A Big Weight is Lifted

The main idea of Psalms 32 is captured in the first verse of this passage.

Blessed is the one
   whose transgressions are forgiven,
   whose sins are covered.

David had seduced the wife of his most loyal soldier and then arranged to have this soldier killed. The guilt for David was heavy on his heart and his strength was sapped but then he confessed his sins which resulted in him enjoying the blessings from God with more enthusiasm and joy.

As David experienced, there are negative psychological implications for repressed sin. But once sins are confessed, a big weight is lifted from our shoulders. We are restored to the joyous fellowship with God, yoked together with other believers, and guided along the path by the Holy Spirit.

In verse 8-9, God is speaking and commanding us to receive instruction and follow the path laid out. Jesus has paved the way to a clear path so we can constantly pray for advice or insight and listen for guidance.

This day with You God, we know it’s going to be a great day because You have given the resources needed to step ahead with confidence. The pathway set before us leads to that which is pure, good and lovely. Today, we acknowledge the truth given to us in Your word, we accept Your help given through Christ, and for opportunities to share with others. Amen

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