Pulling Together

This day with God will be amazing because when two or more are gathered together there is another with them called the Holy Spirit which gives extra energy and power. As we read today in Mark 3:7-19, it’s not just two minds but a third at work that is involved in finding answers to our questions.

In the past few posts, we have read about Jesus performing miracles. People from all over came to be healed and to hear Him preach. His sudden fame brought with it some challenges like the demand on His time and concerns for His safety. People during this time, traveled by foot or by boat and communication was by word of mouth. This reveals just how popular Jesus was since there was no social media, TV, phones, or radio.

Because of these challenges, Jesus appointed twelve disciples so more people could be helped and the Good News message could spread at a faster rate. It was better to have twelve people doing things pretty good than one person doing it all. 

To form the core team for the spread of the gospel, Jesus chose a diverse group of men with no special qualifications. None of them were trained theologians, wealthy, educated, or high-ranking government officials. They were just ordinary men who wanted to follow Jesus so much that they gave up all they possessed and with courage followed.

As we pull together for the common purpose of sharing the gospel, let us have this same courage to follow by accepting our lot in life, doing our best with the skills we have, and pulling together. The photo below was taken years ago at my daughter’s field day activities when she was in middle school. 

This day with You Lord, help us pull together as a member of Your team. Promoting Your values in our schools, businesses, communities, and churches. A community of people working together with You can change the world for the better. The twelve disciples were a diverse group of men with something to give for the common purpose of spreading the gospel message. As we go throughout this day, let us be encouraged by each other as we pull together. With You on our side, anything is possible. Amen.


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