The Flowing Stream of Grace

Individuals and churches may differ in convictions or practice but there is one common thread that binds us; the power of Christ in what we believe and how we live. This day, let us take in this flowing stream of grace that heals.

Reading in Mark 1:40-45, a man with leprosy came to Jesus for healing. Leprosy is an infectious skin disease in which pale-colored sores appear. Those with the disease during ancient times were shunned as outcasts. They had to live away from everyone else. During the time of the writing of Mark, the plight of a leper was usually death. There was no medication to alleviate the disease but in current times, there are medications to clear up the disease.

Jesus healed the man with leprosy and sent him on his way instructing him not to tell anyone. Instead, the man talked freely and spread the news about how he was healed by Jesus. The news about Jesus spread and people came to Him from everywhere. From this time forward, Jesus had to stay in secluded places to get any rest.

Jesus took a big risk by reaching out to touch the leper. It shows how important each person is and the concerned attitude we should have for those that society considers the untouchable. We should never judge but build up and encourage. The blood of Jesus cleanses and worthiness is built upon grace as we accept His mercy.

Grace is a gift that is always available so this day, let us be patient with God’s timing because grace is like a flowing stream of water that keeps coming and coming.

This day with You Lord, we read about the healing of the leper and we understand how important each person is to You. You took a big risk as You reached out to the leper so we ask that you give us the courage to reach out to those who have been neglected by society. Help us to build up and encourage by offering Your gift of grace which is like a never ending stream that keeps coming and coming. Amen. 

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