Special Days

This special day with God will be amazing because we are making every day count. We are reading the Bible, praying, and sharing with others about our journey. Today we are reading in Numbers 28-29 about special days that require offerings.

Israel had to bring the right sacrifices at the right time so the Lord would bless them. The special days highlighted in this passage are the Sabbath, New Moon (first day of every month), Passover (Jan. 14-21), Unleavened Bread (15-21 of each month), Festival of Weeks (First Fruits), Festival of Trumpets (July 1), Day of Atonement (July 10), Festival of Tabernacles (July 15 – 22).

There is tremendous detail in the preparation of these offerings in order to please God. Detail in what offerings are given, when they are given, and how they are given. The reason for these offerings is in preparing the heart for worship. We can be grateful that Jesus fulfills all of these offerings.

Each day is a special day to offer God our best. By accepting Christ in our heart, we can enthusiastically live with purpose, spur each other on, and have genuine concern for each other. We can marvel at the things around us, worship with songs of praise, and find excitement right where we are.

Many times we think the exciting things in life are far away but excitement might be right in your back yard. A sunset, a sunrise, wildlife, or birds in the sky. One special sunny day, we went downtown for an afternoon right in my hometown. Below is a photo.

Because of Magnolia Market at the Silos, tourism has picked up in Waco which is a city of about 120,000 population situated between Austin and Dallas. It had been a while since I had been downtown and was pleasantly surprised by all the new stores and entertainment venues. Sometimes an afternoon spent right where you are can be enjoyed more than going to some faraway place spending much time and money.

Lord, this day we are making it count. We’ve started with Your Word, we are sharing with others about how to apply Your Word, and we offer now this prayer. We want to have prepared hearts looking forward to fulfilling our purpose today and our future with enthusiasm by following Jesus. Amen.


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