The Outcome of Faith

This day will be amazing because God’s plan for us always brings victory in our life if we let Him in so as we read Numbers 21 today, let the Word soak in from the eyes to the mind and then into the heart in order to receive power to help step ahead of the challenges faced.

In today’s passage, the Israelites continued on their journey into Canaan but they encountered attacks because the Canaanite king would not let them pass through his country. They faced not only these external enemies but also enemies from within as some continued to complain and rise up against God and Moses.

They also encountered venomous snakes who bit the people causing numerous deaths. Moses prayed for them and God told Moses to make a bronze snake. When people were bitten by a snake, they were to look at the bronze snake and live.

Another enemy they faced was the Amorite king who would not let them pass through his country. He sent his army against them but the Israelites defeated the army and occupied the land. It was God who had delivered their enemies into their hands.

On the cross, God delivered us from our enemies. Our enemies today are things like addictions, crime, bad relationships, and financial ruin. We are bitten by sin but love motivated the Lord to lift our sins off and set us free. The Lord gave the Israelites victory over the Canaanites and He gives victory for us over our enemies when we look to Him for deliverance.

The Israelites started winning their battles when they rejoiced in God for giving them the necessities of life and they praised Him. They had found a pattern for victory by gaining knowledge about their enemies, following God’s instructions for victory, and carrying out these instruction with faith.

Like the Israelites, we should do the same to win our battles by following the pattern of gaining wisdom, prayer, developing a plan, and execution of the plan. With God, we never lose but there is always victory.

After reading today’s passage, I’m reminded of the time my family went to the Sadie Robertson “Live Original Tour”. The photo of the praise band “Love and the Outcome” below was captured at the concert. It was a mixture of praise music and testimonials from Sadie and her friends. Young people in this world are just looking for Christian role models to follow and there seems to be so few that are willing to make a stand against the venomous snakes of our society today.

God gave Israel success and in being loyal to Him we can also expect help in conquering anything or anyone that wants to keep us from being all that we can be. Our plans do not always work out but God’s plan for us always brings victory in our life if we let Him in.

Lord, this day we let You in as we read Your Word with our eyes and knowledge enters our mind. Then this knowledge and inspiration grows from the mind into the heart to penetrate our soul. We’ve gained our edge against things like pride, disobedience, distraction, and carelessness. We are now ready to conquer these negatives in our life that hold us back. We are now ready to sing the songs, be inspired from our daily devotionals, and pray for instructions to a successful day. Amen.

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