Today’s Play is to Win the Day

In all things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. – Romans 8:37

Within the post “The Outcome of Faith”, written about was how the Israelites started winning their battles when they rejoiced in God for giving them the necessities of life and they praised Him. They had found a pattern for victory by gaining knowledge about their enemies, following God’s instructions for victory, and carrying out these instruction with faith.

Let us follow their example and strife this day to make a difference on God’s winning team. We can do it by being kind to a neighbor, by praying for our local church, lifting up a friend with encouragement.

In sports, the team tries to win each play and in life we try to win each day. There may be times when projects are due, bills are due, or for a business … payroll must be met. When people want to be in panic mode and complain, don’t follow or listen … just keep heading steadily towards the victory.

Have the attitude like in the song He Is With Us by Love & The Outcome. Believe that God is big enough to take on our challenges so we are victorious one day at a time. Then as we win day after day, others will start to notice and want to follow.


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