Step Ahead on Solid Ground

This day with God, let us keep stepping ahead on this journey we are on. God will be like a mountain standing rock solid over time protecting us in our time of need. We read today in Numbers 17 about the budding of Aaron’s rod and we will be encouraged today because God is here with us.

The purpose in having Aaron’s rod sprout and bear almonds was to signify to the people God’s chosen leader. It would be a reminder to the rebellious that someone was in charge so they would pull together in order to go in the same direction. The people needed this evidence because their outlook was bleak. They had lost all confidence in the way they were going even though great miracles had been performed along the way.

To avoid the extremes of refusing God’s authority or thinking there was no hope at all, the people needed to keep stepping ahead towards their destiny. They needed to have confidence that God would provide the resources needed to get to where they wanted to go. They needed to give praise to God so they would have the right frame of mind in order to discover that His plan would work.

Along our journey, things can get frustrating. Our day can go from bad to worse with so many things that can go wrong. Technology is meant to simplify and make our lives easier but many times it is just the opposite. Something works one day and then suddenly it stops working. For no reason, the cable no longer works or the smart phone no longer does what it used to do and no one seems to know how to fix it.

Many things in this world are built like a house of cards but there is one thing we can count on in the storms of life. This one thing is the promise of God which is built on truth and we can rest assured that the promise will be fulfilled.

This day with You Lord we have been given a lesson on Your reliability. We can rely on the solid principles given in Your Word. You have high standards and that is a good thing. Nothing ever changes with You unlike things of this world which drift and change. Each day we can get prepared with prayer and rely on Your instructions to step ahead on solid ground with confidence.


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