Worship and Offering

This day with God will be amazing because we are anchored to love from above. The more we do things that are good for us like study, exercise, or any positive activity, the better we get at the activity and then we look forward to doing it on a regular basis. We even miss the activity if we skip a day.

Today, our activity of Bible study takes us to Numbers 6:22 through 7:89. In verses 24-26, the promise is that the Lord will be gracious and deliver peace to the Israelites. The people made offerings at the dedication of the Tabernacle and instructions were given to Moses on how to distribute the offerings to the Levites who took care of the tent of meeting. An ox from each leader of the tribes and a cart from every two of the leaders was given.

The take away as explained in this passage is God’s concern for worship and offering. We are to walk in obedience to God day by day in how we use our time and resources. Day by day, little things become big things and lead to the amazing with Gods help. Take a look at your daily routine. Are there little things you could tweak or fine-tune? As you set goals, document them and constantly develop tasks from your prayers as you listen to God’s prompting.

To walk with God faithfully, I’ve been using this blog to help with regular Bible study. Growing in faith takes discipline just like physical exercise as we build faith muscles with God’s principles. Below is a photo of my Dog who gets hungry very early and wakes me up. Once up, I read the Bible and other devotionals before I start my day. Below is a picture of Marlee who deserves credit for helping me with this devotional.

Lord, there is no one like You. Help us to trust in You and to live for You. Open our eyes to wonder and to build our lives on the firm foundation of Your truth. Day by day studying Your Word and planting the seeds of Your Word into our heart. Lead us in Your love so we can offer this love to those around us. Amen.

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