Detailed Instructions

If we pay attention to the world, disorder will expand to fill the void of human failure but if we focus on the things of God, the day will be amazing because order will fill the void around us with greatness. Today, let us focus on the Word found in Numbers 4 which lays out the detailed instructions given to Moses and Aaron for taking care of the tent of meeting.

Each division of the Levites was assigned various tasks in watching over the most holy things in the tent of meeting. They were to cover the holy furnishing and all the holy articles. Then carry the furnishings, the holy articles, the frames of the tabernacle, the crossbars, posts, and bases of the tent of meeting from place to place.

Attention was given to the tent of meeting and its contents to honor God and receive His power. Imagine such detail and teamwork present in each church fellowship or small group today with each person taking on a certain responsibility. There would be more love of God and love of neighbor. More would see God at work and more would accept Christ as Savior.

Accepting Christ Savior allows us to focus more on how to use His power rather than focusing on the difficulty of obtaining it. We can then focus on the task at hand and take things one step at a time rather than multi-tasking.

We have amazing technology today but sometimes we emphasize speed rather than quality. The structure in the photo below built in the 1700s after the great fire of London is St Paul’s Cathedral where the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana took place. It shows the detailed work that went into construction during that time.


This day with You Lord, help us to focus on making You central in our life and to worship You only. Just like they did with the Tent of Meeting, help us to attend to what is most important. You will help us organize, prioritize, and reorder our days ahead. You will  help us step ahead towards Your plan with a purpose in every step. Amen.

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