Our Duty and Responsibility

This day with God will be amazing because as we read Numbers 3, we are leaning from those who have attended to their spiritual responsibilities.  Just as Moses, Aaron, and the Levites, identified and attended to their spiritual responsibilities, we can do the same so that what seems impossible becomes possible by working together.

The function of the Levites was to assist Aaron and the priests. They were to take care of all the furnishings of the tent of meeting. Aaron and his descendants were the only ones who could carry out the duties of the priests and approach God’s dwelling place.

Because of Christ our High Priest and our mediator with God, we can come into God’s presence at any time or any place through prayer. This gives us tremendous power to fulfill our duties as followers of Christ.

Moses, Aaron, and his sons had the responsibility of making sure the Israelites worshiped in the proper way. Today, we also have a responsibility to those new to the faith. So this day with God, let us discover our place or function in God’s work and concentrate on doing it well so the body of Christ grows stronger each day.

The body of Christ coalesce the diverse gifts of Christians. Through the Spirit, let us each discover our gifts for the express purpose of kingdom building. This photo was taken at my church. You can see in this photo many gifts being exhibited from the choir in front of the church to those behind the scenes doing technical, sound, and video presentation.

Lord, you are our strength. With You, there is a sure Way to great accomplishment because You are with us using our individual talents for Your glory. You are with us and Your Spirit abides in us so there is unlimited potential. Through prayer, we receive directions to meet each challenge. We are now speaking and listening to You for direction on this journey and we are thankful for the encouragement … the strength to take on each new challenge. Amen.

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