Sure Way

Knowledge from the Bible is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The author of Hebrews 13:9-16 advises to rely on the teachings of Christ rather than be so concerned with external religious demands that provide no benefit. Rather, be fed by God’s grace with more concern for the internals like faith, hope, and love.

To gain these internals, identify with Christ by means of sacrifices and offerings to God including daily Bible study, prayer, and relationship building that last forever. That’s what Jesus did on earth. He studied, listened, and reflected but also used His time wisely in fulfilling His purpose. We should do the same and also desire to be a good examples for others.

As noted from Family Times, we should simplify the confusing world by spending time on what is really important. Time spent on gaining knowledge from school, career, and other worldly endeavors are for temporary use but knowledge from God’s Word is permanent.

The builders of the Titanic were thought to have made a ship that could not sink but it did. A few years ago, my wife and I went to a Titanic display at the Mayborn Museum in Waco Texas. Our ticket to get in was the boarding pass below.

As you sail away on your voyage called life, make sure you get on the ship that is proven, leads you to where you want to go, and has a Captain that can see the obstacles ahead. Our growing relationship with the Lord and our service to Him will never sink but stay afloat and last forever. On top of that, our knowledge gained in the spiritual realm remains the same over time so we never have to waste our time relearning the next best way. Building up of our faith is always worthwhile, useful, constant, and available to all.

This day with You Lord, help us to follow the best way which is Your Way. Not the way of the world but the Way you provide in Your word. We set out today on our voyage of life knowing that amazing things will happen because we are following Your Way, believing, and obeying. Amen.

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