Unshakable Kingdom

Reading in Hebrews 12:25 through 13:8, explained is that the new kingdom cannot be shaken and those who accept Christ are on solid ground but those who do not will be shaken. So as Christians, we are a part of an “unshakable kingdom” and no matter what happens here on earth, our future is on a solid foundation that cannot be destroyed.

The world wants to trust the wisdom of science but as the years go by, we find out science has made the wrong assertions that are proven incorrect. The world believes in the power of money but doesn’t understand that money is limited and God is unlimited. Many in the world desire one big world government but God is bigger than the world.

This day with God, let us set out to apply our faith, maintain, hope, and love one another by implementing the qualities urged by the author of this passage. Good qualities originate in God, are implemented with study and prayer, and grow in the heart. It is beneficial to document thoughts and formulate plans with the hope that good qualities become an automatic process in our life.

One idea to help us apply our faith is the use of inspirational poems because poetry narrows thoughts to a few lines as the mind inspires the heart to tangible actions. Below is one of those poems inspired from 2 Corinthians 5:11-19.

New Creation

Reconciled to God
Through Jesus Christ
And living for the ONE
Who died for our life!

A new creation;
Wrong-doing wiped clean
With access through prayer
To power unseen.

An amazing power
To help achieve
Significant dreams
If we only believe.

So dream big dreams;
The more the merrier
Since even the grave
Is no barrier.

Dream about discoveries
For coming generations
By listening … following,
Making declarations.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-25-2019

Reconciliation to God through Christ shapes our character. We become a new creation, we regard people differently (they are our brothers & sisters), we demonstrate more courage, initiative, kindness, and optimism.

This day with You Lord, we pray today expecting great things to happen because You will lead us from the intangibles of faith into the tangibles of good deeds. Our study and prayer will grow in our heart to formulate the plans for this day. We are in the process of building muscle memory so our faith can be applied. Amen.


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