Inquire of God

King David in Prayer

King David in Prayer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How does David make decisions? After reading 1 Chronicles 13-14 , what is found is that He Conferred with each of his officers, sought unity with his people, and most of all inquired of God. Delight in the law of the Lord. Like a tree near a stream of water, so is a person who is nourished by the Word.

David not only conferred with each of his officers but also with all the people on moving the Ark so it was near them.  It would not be an easy task over the rough terrain as they hauled the Ark on a cart. In fact, there was a mistake as Uzzah simply touched the Ark to steady it after an ox stumbled and it made God so angry that He struck down Uzzah.

David wanted to honor God in his kingdom so that his people would be blessed with His favor. David was not perfect and we are not perfect but today we can be thankful that because of Christ we can boldly come to His throne of grace at any time or any place when faced with decisions as leaders of companies, organizations, churches, families, or the groups we hang around.

David inquired of God when facing battles and God gave him instructions in how to carry out his battles. He paved the way for David as he simply followed the path to success. Even though David was not perfect, he did give us an example of one who had good leadership qualities. We may not be perfect either but we can give those that follow us a good example to go by so when they need to make decisions in their own life, they have a model to follow.

God is reliable in helping us make good choices. He goes before us to prepare the way; building up our life with positive principles found in His Word. Prayer, reflection, and action will build leaders for better families, communities, and nations. It’s up to each of us to take in what is good for our body and soul; leading others in the direction God would like us to go.

Prayer is our greatest power because God gives instructions. If we prepare by organizing our thoughts before prayer, God will help us crystallize them into good ideas and plans of action. This day with God, pray for the ability to lead others. You may be a church leader, a leader of a company or organization, or a leader within your family. Make a request to God for direction and a plan. Pray for good helpers to carry out the plan God gives. He helps us plan the right things for our day and things fall into place for an amazing day.

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5 Responses to Inquire of God

  1. Spot on! I often find that a few minutes invested in prayer and listening to God will give insight and clarity to any situation. Great reflection.


  2. My Tropical Home says:

    “If we prepare by organizing our thoughts before prayer, God will help us crystallize them into good ideas and plans of action. This day with God, pray for the ability to lead others.”

    I never thought about doing this intentionally, I do have my prayer notebook but sometimes I rely on that rather than truly prepare my mind and heart when I approach God.

    Thanks so much for this insight!


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