Next Leg of the Relay Team

This day with God will be amazing because through Christ we have peace in knowing that we belong on the team. We are building our faith stronger and stronger to run the next leg of the relay team. Reading today in Hebrews 11:27-40, we study how faith and action are related. The Old Testament believers had faith and they took action that affects our daily living today.

Faith initiates action towards amazing accomplishment using God’s power to do the impossible. Even though those who take action may not see the results of their effort during their lifetime, they go down in history as great servants for the cause carried out in generations to come. Noted in today’s passage are Old Testament believers who conquered kingdoms, administered justice, and gained what was promised.

Faith also patiently waits knowing that God will deliver. Many of the heroes of faith may have seemed weak at the time because of persecution but their weakness was made a strength because of God’s power. We are all linked to these Old Testament believers because they have handed off the baton to us. We are the next leg to the relay team and this affects our daily living today because we get ready for the race ahead. We throw off our past that easily entangles so we can run with perseverance our leg of the race towards victory.

This day with You Lord, we have discovered more about what faith is by reading about those people of faith in the past who faced difficulty but turned their difficulty over to You. When they did, that’s when amazing things happened. They turned the world upside down by persisting and never giving up because their heart was right side up. Amen

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