Confident that Faith is Rewarded

This day with God we will focus in on Hebrews 10:26-39. It will be an amazing day as we study the Word today and remain thankful for God’s provision; grateful for all we receive.

In today’s passage, we make note of some good that happened to the Hebrew Christians in the beginning after they first received the Light. But then they faced trials as they were insulted, persecuted, and their property was confiscated. It was through faith that they withstood.

The Hebrew Christians just needed confidence that their faith would be rewarded and this continues to be the need for Christians today. To keep our confidence, we need to view any current crisis as a faith builder for the future. To stay focused and not drift away but fix our eyes on our chief aim which is to be more like Christ. To maintain our poise during trials, we need to remember that we are saved by Grace. We need to maintain hope, encourage one another, go the extra mile, and finish strong.

This day with You Lord, help us to keep running the race and finish strong. We may go through some valleys. We face trials and tribulations in life but we constantly maintain hope because of the promises You give in Your Word for all who accept what Jesus did on the cross and come to You in prayer. Your Word provides stepping stones along the path and we are determined to follow that path, maintain our focus, and keep running toward the finish line as victorious. Amen

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