Growing Together in Faith

This day with God will be amazing as we read Hebrews 10:11-25 sharing thoughts and ideas as we grow together in faith. What we make happen for others will be given back to us so let us share information about God’s word and encourage each other.

In today’s passage, we come across the idea that the sanctuary curtain and Christ have some similarities. The curtain in the sanctuary separated the Most Holy Place in the temple and only the high priest could enter once a year.

As the body of Christ was split open and blood was shed on the cross, there was no longer separation from God because the ultimate sacrifice was made for sins. Available for all who accept Christ is access to the most Holy place and we can boldly enter into the presence of God. This access has an everlasting effect on our life.

The world has a way of making us feel not quite good enough. We feel that we are not skilled enough to do something or we just don’t catch on to a new concept like others do. The enemy will continue to try and use certain things in our life to destroy. Things like physical and mental pain, lack of confidence, and conflict to tear down. Many turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. This is how the enemy works against us but with Christ, the enemy became his footstool.

By one sacrifice, Christ has made perfect forever those who are being made holy. Our sins are wiped clean, the Laws enter our hearts, and are written in our minds. With God there is no need to get stressed out. God is big enough to make up the difference and provide that extra needed to finish each day a step ahead. Instead of competing against each other, we work together as a team to defeat our common enemy that constantly tries to destroy us.

This day with God, take in the Word to fortify. Remain optimistic because with God, we are highly favored. Let us spur one another on toward love and good deeds. The unique assurance of the new covenant affects our thinking so the effect is the elevation of creative ideas for helping others and in ways to encourage others. The internal kindness from our hearts will be released into the world around us.

The fruits of the spirit will flourish just like this photo below of an English garden. The English take their gardens serious. The picture below is a garden at Hampton Court which is a royal palace near London England.  We also need to take serious the inner garden of our soul. Taking care so that what is unseen is also beautiful and seen on the outside with encouraging words and acts of kindness.

This day with You Lord, help us to spur one another on as we grow in faith. We are all a part of Your family and we each have ideas to help in how we live and where we need to go. To have holy habits of effective living, we meet with You every day and get together on a regular basis to study Your Word. You will nourish us towards growing the fruits of the Spirit for the world to see. Amen. 

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