New Year Inspiration

Blessings for you and your family this New Year! This New Year let us use the unlimited power of God, stick to His plan, and bring Him glory.

Step Ahead

I arise today through a mighty strength
The strength of the trinity
A strength that guides me
A strength that encourages me

You are above me
You are within me
You are before me
You are below me

I believe You will show me the way
For each and every day
My promise to You will be kept
I’m inspired by all Your help

I see a successful year
And everything will be okay
I will never succumb
With You I can overcome

I can do everything
With the strength You bring
Good people hold me accountable
Together everything is possible

Power comes from You
I choose to live each day for You
I’m in Your hands
You give me great plans

By Mark Shields – © 01-01-2015
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