The Word Provides the Roadmap

This day with God, let us take in the wisdom from His Word as we study Leviticus 24 which goes further into the Old Testament rituals and laws. Sin had destroyed from the inside and society was in chaos. To create order, rituals and laws were established.

One ritual established was Aaron keeping the lamps lit and supplying the food offering outside the curtain that shielded the Ark of the Covenant law in the tent of meeting. He supplied the lamps with the purest olive oil to keep them burning. He also arranged the food offering on the table of pure gold before the Lord.

We also learn from today’s reading about God’s justice from the general law. For example: the Shelomith’s son in today’s reading was guilty of cursing the Lord and the punishment was death by stoning.

The expectation was that people would work together with one Spirit but when someone was intent on splitting that Spirit, there were consequences. The law states that the one who inflicts injury must suffer the same injury. The punishment for murder is death, a broken bone for a broken bone, an eye for eye, and tooth for tooth (v. 19-20).

Unfortunately, the people could not follow the law but God has provided the roadmap or Plan For Us.

This day with You Lord we now have the road map to the Way. Jesus has provided the Way to paradise. Without Jesus, we can’t get back to You. But with Jesus, we are one in Spirit and work together to get as many as possible to follow the Way.

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