Wholesome Dwelling for the Soul

This day with God, be the person that He desires you to be by following His instructions for they are a prescription for keeping a sound mind filled with wisdom and a sound body that makes available a wholesome dwelling for your soul.

Let us take in the commands from His Word today as we read Leviticus 18. This is the second chapter in which God deals with special areas of our life that must be respected and kept holy. The first was the sanctity of life in Leviticus 17 and now explained are basic instructions on the sanctity of sexual relations.

Obey these instructions for your own health and for the health of societies around the world. The results of obedience to God’s instructions are overall well-being for the individual and society as a whole. God wonderfully made you and wants what is good for you and He knows what is best for you more than you do.

Always strive to invest in a body through which Christ lives. Similar to a physical workout, we build muscles of faith when we study God’s word, pray, and listen for direction from the Holy Spirit.


This day with You Lord will be amazing as we simply do Your will. Things will fall into place because of grace. We have a Savior and are inspired to be at our best behavior; following where You lead and doing good deeds; accepting the truth and teaching our youth; learning Your ways and giving You praise. Amen.


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