Keep Pace with Grace

This day, we read in Leviticus 12 and seek patience in making Christ more than just an acquaintance as we endure our distresses in life knowing that our future we will be blessed. We seek to grow, change, share, and rearrange our way of life as we keep pace with grace.

In today’s passage, we are given specific rules of hygiene. After giving birth, a time goes by before being purified. Thirty days are given after the birth of a boy and sixty days for the birth of a girl. After the time has gone by, a sacrifice is offered to become clean.

In keeping with the Law, a year-old lamb was sacrificed for a burnt offering and a young pigeon or a dove for a sin offering (v. 6). If a person could not afford a lamb, they offered a pair of doves or two pigeons (v. 8). Also given are the instruction on circumcision. Boys were circumcised after the 8th day of birth as an outward sign of a covenant with God and His people.

The cleansing or sanitary procedures laid down by Moses for the people of God were put in place for health reasons. Since they were put into place to avoid outbreaks of plague and epidemic, this reading offers some thought on the assertion that our private life is not just my own concern but can affect the public as a whole.

Because of accepting what Jesus has done on the cross, we are covered by the Law of Moses as described above. Like the first snow of winter that covers the rough ground created from drought or erosion, we are covered by grace which levels out the rough spots along the journey.

Snow in Waco 2-4-11

This day with You Lord, we grow in grace to put off the old and put on the new. We are renewed day by day because we are a new person in Jesus. You have wonderfully made each of us and you want what is best for us. You know what will benefit us more than we do. Grace has given us a clean slate like pure white snow that covers the past for a beautiful future.

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