Discern the Best Way

Reading in Leviticus 10, the sons of Aaron, Nadab and Abihu disobeyed the Lord when they burned incense in their fire pan and were burned to death. They had committed an infraction of the ritual and punished by death.

We learn in today’s passage that disrespecting God can be extremely hazardous. Instead, we should inquire of the Lord for direction and consider all ramifications of our decisions.

On our journey through life, there will be decisions to make on things like priorities, using our money wisely, and the use of our precious time. What seems to be small becomes big so we should seek to clarify God’s instruction through prayer, ask for direction, and carry them out.

I’m reminded of going to a concert in Frisco Texas a few years ago. We got there with ease but had difficulty on the way back because of exits with no signs. The waze GPS navigation app helped us get through Dallas. The app speaks to you as you drive like Alexa and gives you real time updates like on road hazards and can get you back on track if you miss an exit in the big cities.

The app is not perfect and sometimes it is either late in telling you the exit or it gives you directions that may not be the absolute best route. In these cases, my wife gets mad at the app rather than me.

This day with You Lord, help us in discernment. As we build our lives, help us to build them on the firm foundation of the gospel and follow the map laid out in Your Word. We can get conflicting instruction from the world but when we follow grace and truth, we are anointed by the Spirit to follow the Light. Amen.


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3 Responses to Discern the Best Way

  1. How wonderful to have Waze take the brunt of one’s frustration!


  2. Annie Newman says:

    This story is illustrative of how our relationship with God has changed through Jesus, too. Before, it was a relationship of stern discipline and retribution. Now, it is a relationship of grace and forgiveness, which I think makes it all the more important for us to make wise decisions – showing God our love and gratitude in return.


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