Unfinished Masterpiece

This day with God, let us take in the discipline from His Word found in 1 Timothy 3:1-13 which explains the characteristics that pastors should have including being faithful to their spouse, being temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, and good teachers of the scriptures.

We should all strife for similar characteristics like being respectable, sincere, honest, and disciplined. We should seek to be a good leaders of our families who loves, disciplines, and instructs family members about life. We should try to eliminate the negative characteristics from our life like drinking too much alcohol, violence, being argumentative, or greedy.

To eliminate the negatives and gain the positives, take action daily by first reading from the Bible to find rich treasure from the gospel to pass on to others. This day with God will be amazing because we are daily gaining treasure from God’s Word. We enthusiastically seek His guidance in how best to live. We endure distress knowing God will bless. We are slow to anger because we are anchored to God’s love from above.

Keep on working as you make the climb. I’m reminded of the photo below I took of my daughter in front of Jacob’s Ladder on the campus of Abilene Christian University. It’s a monument depicting Jacob’s dream of a ladder connecting earth and heaven. The negatives in our life can become building blocks to a brighter future as we step ahead higher and higher.

Jacob’s Ladder at Abilene Christian University

The world is a flawed place but because we have grace polishing the flaws, Christ connecting us to God’s power through the Spirit, and devotion filling in the rough spots, we are creating a masterpiece as our offering to God.

This day with You Lord we are gaining progress because we are connected to You. Each step we take is closer to You as we make the climb to our destination. We are giving You the best part of each day, praying, and staying connected to our source of power. Amen.

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