Something to Cheer About

Within Micah 5, prophesized is the place where Christ was born seven hundred years before His birth. He is the promised king to lead towards victory with power from up high. The King of kings who cares for His people giving security and peace.

This passage prophesies a future when people will put their trust in a leader who brings strength and victory with Devine intervention. They will take more risk and step out in new and adventurous ways.

The people will power up with the Spirit of Christ. This indwelling Holy Spirit will give the people what is needed for a life with a courageous vision and confidence in this power being big enough to make happen what once was thought to be impossible.

The Good News for us today is that this power is available to us. We can be confident about our current circumstances and our future. So this day with God, let us put our confidence in Christ for He is in control of all things.

Let us courageously live out our faith to overcome doubts, fears, and despair. In the midst of troublesome circumstances, there is something to cheer about for in the end there is victory in Christ.

The memory in the photo below was captured at a Carrie Underwood concert. She’s singing on a stage that moves over the crowd. It took confidence to make that happen. Confidence in engineers and a production crew. As we embark on our voyage for the future, let us trust in our crew members and know that a greater power is steering our ship.

Carrie Underwood Concert 04-27-2013

This day with You Lord, we seek to be your trusted crew member. You are the captain along our voyage. You are the anchor for our soul and we trust that You are with us through the storms of life. Amen.


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