Power in You

As written in 2 Corinthians 13, Paul will act more firmly toward the Corinthians when he comes for his third visit and will expect that they are living in the faith. He explains the concept of weakness and strength. Before Christ, there was weakness but now power lives inside and there is strength.

He challenges the Corinthians to examine themselves but his concern is that they may fail the test. To prove success, there must be evidence of them following the Way and Paul is concerned that they have not fully accepted Christ into their life.

In order to prove that the Way of Christ is in our life, self-examination is important and we should strive to integrate our faith with our lifestyle.  Start each day off right with God, plan out the things that need to be done, and believe that there is a bright future ahead.

We should accept God’s love, peace, and power to apply the intangibles of our faith into the tangibles of our good deeds. Every great cause, first began as a dream. God has a purpose for our life and we can participate in the greatness and power of God.

One example of a dream for a good cause was American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. The dream of colorectal surgeon, Dr. Gordy Klatt was put into action in 1985 as a way to raise awareness of cancer and boost income for his local cancer charity. Communities around the world have taken this dream so that the cause has now grown into the largest fundraising event for cancer in the world. Below is a picture of the opening lap of a Relay for life event in my community.

This day with You Lord, we desire to aim for perfection, listen to You for direction, be of one mind, and strive to live in peace. In order to accomplish this, we examine ourselves, test ourselves, and believe that Your Spirit is in us. We see a future of possibilities because of our spiritual growth. We are gaining momentum from what You have done yesterday and we are dreaming big dreams for the future. Amen.


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