Unlimited Power Together

The men who oppose Paul as described in 2 Corinthians 10:7-18 are judgmental and have a boastful attitude thinking they have more authority than Paul. In defense, Paul explains that it is Christ who has authority and everyone else is at the same level. There are no echelons of authority within the church. Each person has a role to play according to their God given strengths for the benefit of all.

Our words and actions need to match up. A person who makes demands or judges others and then does not have the same standard for themselves is considered a hypocrite. A person should not come across as one simply who knows how it should be done but as a person who shows how it should be done.

No one is the boss except Christ. Everyone is at the same level. As believers in Christ, there is power to win our battles. Our faith will make us stronger and when others see what faith can do, they will be encouraged to join in on the fight.

We should build each other up and not tear each other down. In Christ, we are on the same team. Our enemy is Satan and we need to each search for our individual strengths for the benefit of the whole. Together, we combine these strengths to win our battles.

Our individual strengths are not in being like everyone else but in being who we are; a precious child of God. He is with us and His Spirit abides in us. Because of this fact, we have unlimited potential because He has unlimited potential. It is up to us to realize how God can use us as an individual for His Glory.

This day with You Lord, help us know our plan for life. What individual strengths we have. The spark we provide to the bring light to the world around us. Help us to have unity of spirit so that we may complete the mission given to us as Your people.  Amen


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