Comfort for the Downcast

Reading in 2 Corinthians 7:5-16, Paul’s appointed disciple named Titus had visited the Corinthian church and now rejoins Paul at Macedonia. The report to Paul was a good one because the Corinthian church had received Titus and were ready to receive Paul (v. 13).

Paul was downcast before the report from Titus because of the opposition and persecution he faced in Macedonia but finds optimism in how the Corinthian people had treated his appointed disciple named Titus.

This report from Titus cheered up Paul who was now convinced that the opposition in Corinth was from a small group of dissenters and that the majority of the congregation wanted to do what was right.

God brings comfort for the downcast and can turn a bad day into a good day. Just as the weather in Texas can change from one extreme to another in a matter of hours so can our Spirit be uplifted from one extreme to another.

The pictures below shows a morning back in 2015 with snow on the ground. The next photo is from the same office on the same day looking out the same window showing a sunny and clear day.



This day with You Lord, we can change a person’s day from a bad one to a good one by offering Your Good News. They may be going through a difficult time but we can bring comfort to them and inspire them with optimism for their future. Amen.


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