Big Plan

This day with God, Be freed from pessimism and be optimistic because by the grace of God we are allowed to stand firm in Christ and possess the Spirit in our heart.

Step Ahead

Human plans in life
Are just that … a plan
But the plan of God
Is bigger than.

A plan set in stone,
Solid as a rock,
And a plan assuring
Confidence in our walk.

Creating joy
For the yet to come
With the plan of Christ
For everyone.

The negative past
Is washed away
And the present joy
Highlights the day.

The future brighter
Each and every day
As we worship You
And continue to pray.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-07-2019

Every arrangement in life may not have worked out but as in the song Today is the Day by Lincoln Brewster, we can rejoice for today and be glad in it.

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