Ordinary to Extraordinary

The two dispensations introduced in 2 Corinthians 3:7-18 are the law given to Moses and the new covenant of the gospel established by Christ. Paul explains that the new covenant of the gospel improves upon and even surpasses the law given to Moses for several reasons. It not only shows what sin looks like but provides a better way to be freed from sin and gain everlasting life.

I saw this video one time of a horse with his front legs chained together. The horse had been that way for a long time but one day the chains were taken off and the horse was set free to run in the green meadow like life was meant to be for a horse.

The gift of Christ on the Cross has freed us so we are not held back and life works like it should. We are no longer chained up by sin that limits our potential. God has freed us so we can be all that He made us to be. The new covenant of the gospel takes the ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary.

Day by day, take in the lessons of God’s word. Step ahead to freedom, explore, and discover new ways to dispense the power of the Holy Spirit given to you. Gain the confidence given by the ONE who can make the impossible possible and be transformed so you can engage in a future you can only imagine.

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This day with You Lord, the ordinary can become extraordinary because we have invited You into our everyday experiences. There is a spirit of freedom and we are transformed day by day into Your image. Because of our devotion and fellowship, You will turn simple things into amazing things. Much will be done today Lord because You are in control and things will fall into place for an amazing day. Amen.


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