Letter of Recommendation

There were many disappointments and changes in plans during the ministry of Paul. Reading in 2 Corinthians 2:12 through 3:6, many questioned his qualifications for being a minister of God’s word but there was proof that made him qualified. The proof was the transformed hearts of people.

The knowledge of God was spread through the character of Paul. The way he treated others, what he said to others, and how he encouraged others. His letter of recommendation came from the Corinthian people in the way he changed their lives for the better.

Each changed heart was a letter of recommendation from Christ and we all can be a letter from Christ by our character. There will be days of frustration when your hard work does not pay off. When others question your qualifications. When things fall apart around you, just be like Paul and turn to the Lord to receive direction to fulfill your purpose for His glory.

The knowledge of God can multiply because of your character. If your day gets off track, how you handle the situation makes all the difference. Continue to be optimistic and upbeat when going through issues knowing that with God, it’s going to work out. The way you treat others, what you say to others, and how you encourage and affirm them makes a huge impact.

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This day with God, we are humbled by Your creation. You have created over 100 billion galaxies with each galaxy having billions of stars but it is Your people that are Your greatest creation. Help us today to treat Your people with kindness and build them up with words that encourage. Amen.

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