Big Plans

The greatest factor for Paul that governed his conduct as explained in 2 Corinthians 1:12-23 was to follow the Lord. He had to change a few plans but human plans in life are just that … a plan. On the other hand, the plans God has for all of us are bigger. They are plans set in stone, solid as a rock, and plans that assure victory.

We may worry about things because as we get older, we take on responsibilities and things we do today may not create known problems until years in the future. But one thing is for sure and creates true joy for the future; by accepting Christ as Savior, things only get better. The negative past is washed away, the joy of the present is highlighted, and the future is brighter each and every day.

Today, we can learn from the past but cast our worries aside. We can find joy in the present and look forward to a bright future forever free of what holds us back. As we relate to others, we can be optimistic because by the grace of God. We are allowed to stand firm in Christ and possess the Spirit in our heart.

This day with You Lord, we worship Your holy name. We look up at the sky and see more stars than we can count. You can bless us with more joys than stars. Even in difficulty, we can smile because Your plans for the future are bigger than our difficulty and You will provide what is needed or friends to help. We can only imagine what is in store for the future. Amen.

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