Hope for a Better Tomorrow

Recorded in Psalms 38 is the desperate situation David was going through. David was in a state of sorrow and helplessness. His enemies were evil and slanderous and he needed relief. To make his relief possible, he confesses his sin and goes to God in prayer.

We can do the same because the Gospel message gives us hope for the future. God’s plan for us offers a future of safety, accomplishment, and confidence. Because of Christ, nothing we ever face will be greater than what Jesus gave us with the Holy Spirit.

When obstacles are thrown our way, we can hang in there and maintain the hope for better tomorrows. We can maintain joy even in difficulties. We don’t have to get down but remember what Jesus went through on the cross. We can remember the many things people have gone through but came out stronger on the other side.

There will be difficult days ahead but during these times, stay patient, endure, and hold on to God’s promise. Even in dark times His light illuminates the world. His promise will shine in dark times of life to brighten the path to better days.

This day with You Lord, our soul is renewed and we have hope for a better day ahead. Things of this world let us down but the hope we have in You never does. We get better day by day as You work in us to put things back together and are assured of ultimate victory because You transform problems into opportunities. You take our limited resources and provide abundance and Your promise makes our future secure. Amen


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