I once heard a story of a swimmer that set out to swim from Catalina Island to California’s mainland. It was a foggy morning with vision only about fifty feet and the fog didn’t allow the swimmer to see the shore line. They gave up half a mile away. Later, the swimmer was asked why they gave up just half mile from the goal and the answer was that they would’ve finished had they been able to see the shore. They gave up because they couldn’t see the reference point to where they were going. As Christians, we have the Bible as our game plan and it tells us that heaven is where we are going and Christ is our reference point.

Step Ahead

A man swam from
Catalina Island
In the fog to
California’s mainland.

Only fifty feet
So making the shore line
Was a hard feat.

He gave up a half mile
From the coastal bank
Since with no focal point
His spirit sank.

But we have the Bible
For our knowing
That it is heaven
Where we are going.

For as a believer
We have our reference
That points to the cross
For our deliverance!

Poem by Mark Shields – © 02-21-2019

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