Wicked Verses Righteous

The wicked are described in Psalms 36 as being arrogant while planning out their sinful course without fear of God. They only care about themselves, are deceitful in order to get their own way, and their way leads to destruction with no hope of repair.

On the other hand, God offers love, faithfulness, protection, and abundance. Our hope should be in the qualities of God’s righteousness; the greatest being His love of us. Let us be grateful because with faith we will benefit from the assistance of spiritual wisdom and advice.

There may be times along the journey when confidence is lacking but it can be found again if we go to God in prayer and ask for help. Let us overcome pride, disobedience, distractions, and carelessness so we can go to the ONE who has the answers. Then we are on a different path of studying God’s word, and praying consistently. We gain confidence because of acceptance of God’s love in Christ Jesus.

This day with You Lord, we are never 100% prepared for anything but memorized Scripture, songs, encouragement from others will help. Most of all, our faith that You will be with us give us confidence in the challenges ahead. Amen.


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