From Desolation to Restoration

David was in a desperate situation because of his enemies who lied about him to ruin his reputation. He was constantly on the run from Saul and in Psalms 35 he calls on God for help. That’s when momentum began to turn for David and his problems became smaller because God was bigger.

There are situations we may face in life when confidence in God to deliver is needed. We may not be in physical danger like David but we face our own enemies like health issues, the pressures of meeting the demands of work, family concerns, and the courage to stand up to misguided secular thought.

Our hope should be in the qualities of Christ Jesus; the greatest is His love of us which transforms our desolation into restoration. Let us claim expressions of praise because with God by our side, we have the upper hand and can enthusiastically express our appreciation for the advantages God gives.

This day with You Lord we have confidence because of the power of prayer. We are now connected to the ONE who has the answers and can deliver us from the challenges we face. When faced with pressure moments in life, there is hope which gives optimism against desperation, there is faith which gives courage to overcome doubt, and there is the love of Christ Jesus which brings victory over hate. Amen.

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