So much in life can give us a lift like a funny photo or inspirational thought. Give the mind positives to process and produced are qualities like enthusiasm, optimism, and initiative for life.

Step Ahead

Memory captured
By a photo taken
Lifts the Spirit;
Mind is awakened.

Encouragement from
Inspirational thoughts
Provide positives
To handle tough spots.

Reassurances from
A sermon message
Gives hope for a future
That is impressive.

Feeding the mind
So you are blessed
With effective ways
To handle each quest.

Producing qualities
Like optimism,
And enthusiasm.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 11-15-2018

This is a photo of our family dog. She’s very photogenic. When we saw her photo on the local animal shelter add, we went down to see if she was still there and when she was, we adopted her. Over the years, she has given us a lift with her funny expressions.

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2 Responses to Expressions

  1. Victoria says:

    Very nice poem and your photogenic family member there…sweet! How very lucky you both are to have each other!


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