Power in Life

Reading 1 Corinthians 4, Paul describes the apostles as servants of Christ and as those entrusted with the mysteries God has revealed (v. 1). God is judge over all our motives and we should apply the scriptural principle of patience when judging others. If we are tempted to judge, we should be reminded that everyone has tremendous value in His eyes.

There is nothing wrong with a person giving their viewpoints. That’s how we learn and grow from each other but God is the final judge. In the meantime, we can learn from others and the decisions they have made that has brought hardship in their life for they provide a lesson for others.

We should humbly give credit to God for what we are blessed with in life because He is the source of all our spiritual gifts.  With Christ, the weak become strong and provide a good example for others to follow.

We can learn from each other or from sermons about patience and God’s grace. Grace is God’s gift. This kind gift from God is always available. Be patient with others and with God’s timing because grace is like a flowing stream of water that keeps coming and coming. – Thought from sermon of Steve Ramsdell, 10-17-10.

Lord this day, we have learned from this passage that there is power in our life when we let You be the final judge. There is power in our life when we give You credit for what we are blessed with. There is power in our life when we strive to be good examples for others to follow. We pray that we approach each day with patience, gentleness, love, and humility. Amen.

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