Receive the Big Picture

There have been some amazing inventions in technology over the years. I remember when we went to the first birthday of my niece’s newborn son. The town we went to was small many years ago but today it is one of the fastest growing suburbs of Austin Texas. Finding the location of the birthday party would have been very difficult forty years ago but made easy today with GPS navigation.

In 1 Corinthians 1:18-31, two viewpoints are considered; the world view and the God view. Pointed out is that the wisdom of this world has been made to look foolish at times. If you think about the history of the world, I think we could all agree that experts in various fields seem to miss what should be obvious. Wrong data is captured and various opinions interfere in the accuracy.

Yet, the God view allows us to factor in the amazing unseen qualities in order to receive the big picture. Those of faith accept what Christ did on the Cross. They are able to balance faith with life experiences in order to be more precise in their thoughts rather than only accepting one viewpoint and being closed minded to the amazing unseen qualities of God.

Those of faith accept what Christ did on the Cross. Photo taken 06/04/2018 at Garvan Woodland Gardens near Hot Springs Arkansas.

This day with You Lord, we have available to us more knowledge and the use of greater inventions than ever before. The vast Information available and the latest inventions are impressive but can’t match up to the forever amazing power of Your work on the Cross. This perfect work never needs an upgrade and is available to us at any place and at any time. Downloading the Gospel message in our heart takes us to a place beyond what we could ever imagine. Today, our navigation tool is Your Word and we follow Jesus! Amen. 


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2 Responses to Receive the Big Picture

  1. Well said. We need to see the big picture. Thanks for the great insight this morning.

    Blessings, grace and peace.


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